hey im Jessica. im eighteen. I live in northcarolina. I like sparkles and glitter wut wut. bye :)
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so i hardly EVER get on here anymore so if you want to follow my other blogs that i actually get on that’d be rad my main blog is radiantdaisy and my summer blog is TSIWT thankss lovesss :)



I am starting this blog because as i was scrolling through my dashboard i wished i had lots of clothes, shoes and accessories that i saw then i wondered if maybe someone out there has something they no longer use that another person might want, so then i got the idea to make this blog where people can trade and give away the things they no longer use or want but are still in good condition and ready to be used by someone else. Thank you for participating, trading and giving.

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you guys should follow my other tumblrr because I use it more often than thiss one, yeahh :)

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Follow me on my other account :) ask for a follow back if you want okay thanks




[1] One Direction Stick Figures shirt

[1] One Direction USA Today magazine Collectors Edition

[1] Red ‘Keep Calm and Listen to One Direction’ sweater

[1] One Direction phone cover

[1] Pack of One Direction Button Badges

[6] Pack of One Direction bracelets

[1] Hipsta Please long sleeve shirt

[1] Dare to Dream book

[100+] Pictures of One Direction

[4] Posters


-MUST be following bradfagzayn, zarrycat, and ohmyhoranmones

-Likes aren’t counted

-Reblog as many times as you want

- - - - - - - - - -

Winner will be picked on October 14 with a RANDOMIZER so that everything is equal.

We will message the winner through their askbox. If they haven’t  replied within 24 hours, we will choose another winner

We are shipping worldwide and any questions can be asked here

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